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A Comprehensive Approach from the Ground Up

HoofbeatZ™ is an educational horsemanship and riding system dedicated to connecting horses and humans in new and innovative ways. HoofbeatZ™ strives to make horse-related activities more accessible, equitable, and user-friendly to a broader base of clientele. Our point of difference is to provide edutainment as a means of attracting and educating newcomers into the world of horses. HoofbeatZ's founder, Eileen Verdieck, has spent a lifetime showing, selling and promoting the Arabian horse. Consequently, our focus has been to introduce newcomers not only to horses, but to the joy and diverse opportunities to be involved with the Arabian horse.

At HoofbeatZ™, passionate professionals strive to create more sustainable models within the equine industry through the development, training, and marketing of midline Arabian horses that may not have made it as high end show horses. HoofbeatZ desires to extend the productive longevity and enjoyment of these horses by developing them into schoolmasters, amateur show mounts, and family companion horses.


The HoofbeatZ™ difference

Our heartfelt dedication to sharing the horse-human bond and the expressive beauty, intelligence, and athleticism of the Arabian horse drives HoofbeatZ's business practices: While other riding schools may aspire to be the "Harvard of Horsemanship," HoofbeatZ strives to be the "Sesame Street" of horsemanship. This is not to oversimplify horsemanship, but rather, we present a system to newcomers and even to the general public that is approachable, accessible, and fun. This has often resulted in beliefs being dispelled that horses are only for people of socio-economic statuses or years of experience of horse handling.

Not only has HoofbeatZ succeeded in retraining discarded show horses and repurposing them as amateur, pleasure horses, but we have exposed thousands of newcomers to the Arabian horse through outreach opportunities. Through our hands-on program and outreach events, HoofbeatZ has enabled members of the general public to ride, handle, and learn about the Arabian horse. 

Our vision is to go above and beyond just riding lessons. The HoofbeatZ™ program develops confident, empathetic, well-educated horsemen capable of excelling in any future horse-related discipline. We achieve this goal through the use of our patented, structured program that educates horse enthusiasts on the ground as well as in the saddle. Students are immersed in true horsemanship skills and learn how to communicate in a language innate to horses.


Our Facilities

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